Paddy Keane

Autograph Tree

Family Tree

Generation Tree

Deep Dark Wood

This Beech tree was grown in 1980 from a seed collected in Currachase Forest, Co Limerick, the home of the poet Aubrey de Vere. It is an autograph tree: the planter’s logo PJK (PJ Keane) was engraved in the bark in 1991.

It is a family tree with six families represented on its bark.

It is a generation tree: all twelve initials of our grandchildren and their year of birth were engraved on the bark from 1996 to 2010. The letters grow wider as the tree grows and are permanent while the tree is alive.

It is not alone because it stands in a grove of mixed conifers and broadleaves in what the grandchildren call the “Deep Dark Wood” where they have spent many happy hours at play over the years.


Paddy Keane, originally from Drimoleague Co. Cork and now living in the beautiful twin towns of Killaloe Ballina Co. Tipperary, is a retired Forestry Inspector & Regional Manager Office of Public Works. He is author of Portumna Nature Trail booklet for Portumna National Park, Co. Galway and former Scorchers Full-back (the Drimoleague Football Team). He and his wife Pauline, together with family and friends recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary