John & Pauline Nolan

“The Doggy in the ditch” by Pauline (Polly) Nolan

From as early as he could talk, my now 13 year old son Chris, used babble “Hello Doggy” and wave at the same spot on the road between the Beehive Pub and Wicklow Town. Eventually i realized he was addressing a dead tree that stood proudly in the ditch.
A number of years ago, I noticed the tree was missing and instantly went about finding the owner of the land, he explained that he had pulled it down that morning, before it fell itself and intended using it for fire wood, horrified at the taught of it, I purchased the tree from him and arranged for its transportation to my home 6 miles away, where with the help of my wonderful neighbors and their digger “Doggy” was planted in my garden.
So if you remember the tree and wonder where it went, just know that “The Doggy in the ditch” is safe and loved and living in Pollys Pad.

Local photographer John Kenny has provided the photo.